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Laser Surgery

Mt. Holly Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer Goose Creek pet owners laser surgery for pets. One of the newest and most innovative ways to perform surgery on your pets, laser surgery uses a “light scalpel” in place of the traditional scalpel.

A surgical laser cauterizes the skin as it cuts, sealing nerve endings and small blood vessels as it moves through the tissue. This results in reduced bleeding and less pain at the site of the incision. Additionally, there is less infection associated with laser surgery since the heat from the laser kills bacteria as the incision is made.

The use of the laser is optional in some procedures, however, when precision is necessary, laser surgery yields superior results to traditional scalpels.

Laser surgery makes a significant difference in hemorrhage control, post-op pain, reduction of swelling, and increased precision. Dr. Winn highly recommends using laser surgery whenever possible.